I’m attracted to polite, respectful and well-mannered gentlemen… so let’s start there.

I like to be treated as the lady that I am. I do not tolerate rough handling or rude and disrespectful behaviour. If you are naturally this kind of person, then we should not meet.

I only entertain gentlemen of good natured intentions. I treat people as I like to be treated myself and expect the same in return.

I have very high standards when it comes to personal hygiene. For our meeting I will be freshly showered and impeccably groomed. This takes time and effort and I ask that you respect and understand that, and make the same effort for me.

No financial considerations will be negotiated at any time. I only accept cash. Please pay promptly when we meet.

On outcalls I will excuse myself to the bathroom at the beginning of our date, or I will expect the consideration to be in an envelope inside a book or magazine, politely pointed out by yourself.

Please don’t expect me to ask for my consideration. Doing so will get us off on the wrong foot.

We enter into an exclusive agreement the moment we meet on our date. We both have personal lives, careers, families and friends. I will uphold strict privacy at all times. Should we ever meet in a social setting, you can expect me to be a total stranger in the interests of discretion and confidentiality.

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