Independent Bournemouth Escort
The Interview

Is It Really You In The Pictures?

Yes it is, absolutely. All pictures here are of me, recently taken, and a true likeness of what I look like today.

I am told I am very pretty with a smile that lights up my face, and it’s a shame my face is blurred out in the pictures. I can only say you have the chance to find out if what they say is true, and make a booking to meet with me.

I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

How Are You Different Than Any Other Escort In Bournemouth?

First, I’m an independent escort in Bournemouth, meaning I do not work for an agency or any other third-party. Also, many are new to the business and have yet to acquire the skills I have developed over the time I’ve been providing personal escorting services.

I’m sure you would prefer an escort who knows what she’s doing and knows how to please a man.

Wouldn’t you?

Secondly, I guess I am the answer to your question. I’m a sensual, lustful, passionate, warm and friendly woman. Quite simply, my aim as an escort is to please in every way I can, and I take great pleasure in doing just that.

You will find me a well-mannered, polite, level-headed, sensible and genuine young lady… with a playfully naughty streak. I have been well brought up and I believe if you are going to offer a professional service, you should do it to your very best ability.

Let me put it like this, I’ve had no complaints, and I see several gentlemen on a regular basis.

How Will You Be Dressed For Our Date?

I will dress however you like me to, within reason. However, in general, I prefer a classy dress, or skirt and top, with stockings and high heels. Underneath you will always find skimpy, lacy underwear. We can roleplay too if you like. Naughty nurse? Sexy secretary? Mischievous Maid?

If you would like to pick out a lingerie set (Size 10, 36D) for me to wear on our date, then my choices are:

Seriously Sensual

Boux Avenue

Ann Summers

My overall look is timeless and elegant. I dress to turn heads, not to raise eyebrows.

For weekends away or longer travel dates, I will require an itinerary of our time together. This means I can bring a wardrobe selected specifically for each occasion. Not forgetting lots of skimpy, lacy underwear of course.

What Is Your Idea Of A Perfect Date?

I’m very flexible on how we spend our time together. If chemistry is buzzing between two people, then there is no limit to the magic they can create between them. As long as we are both having fun, then it will be the perfect date for me.

What Are Your Views On Discretion?

Because I’m a business woman and have a very private life, discretion to me is of the upmost importance. I assume my gentlemen friends feel the same way.

Although my personality is outgoing, fun and lively, I am always discreet. If our paths should cross at a private function, or we pass each other in the street, or see each other out shopping, it would be as though we were complete strangers without so much as a glance. I trust you would do the same.

What Is Your Favourite Food, Drink, Flowers?

Home-made food

I have no problem with being pampered. Oh, and I like chocolate.

Something Inexplicable That Never Fails To Turn You On?

Well, this one’s easy. I adore good manners.

A well-mannered gentleman is always a huge turn on for me. I enjoy being treated like a lady. I’m strongly attracted to respectful and charming gentlemen who enjoy the finer things in life. By choice I prefer to meet with men over the age of 30, who know how to treat a woman well.

Can You Visit Me?

Yes of course. However, I only come to top-quality (4* and above) hotels in and around Bournemouth, mainly for security reasons, also for the opulence of the surroundings befitting my personal standards.

My personal safety is very important to me, as I’m sure you’ll understand. For this reason, I will only agree to meet with you in your home at my sole discretion.

How Do You Choose Men You Will See and Those You Will Not?

I do not have a specific checklist, other than respectful and polite.

When a potential client introduces himself to me I look for honesty, truthfulness, and how he comes across as a person. After all, if he trusts me with his personal details then I have no problem trusting him with mine.

The type of gentleman I spend my time with are those who are not looking for a quick ‘roll in the sack’ then are gone on their way. That’s not what I consider an escorting service.

I offer a truly sensual girlfriend experience, and my services are tailored for longer relaxed appointments, rather than the 10 minute quickie.

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